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  •             Security.
  •  Control.
  •  Compliance.

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Today’s workers want the freedom to work from anywhere, on any device. Ensure that corporate policies and procedures are in place to protect them and the business.


To respect the privacy of customers and their end users, requires safeguards that only a cloud environment can control. With our solution, these administrative policies can be fully configurable and enforced by the organization.


Azure Integration, Multi-Factor Authentication, Single Sign-on Support, End-to-End encryption, and many more identity management and security access measures to ensure secure access.


Delivers pristine high-performance workpace environments that are customizable.

Simplicity of auto scaling on demand resources depending on workload requirements.

Improves the workplace efficiency of your workforce by unifying all data, applications and personnel into one platform.

Security centric approach to running a business in the cloud with identify management, 2factor authentication, SSO, and geographic data sovereignty.


Making the Move

Making the decision to move to the cloud can be a daunting one, but it doesn’t have to be.

  • Assess your current needs
  • Clone your infrastructure
  • Becoming cloud 2020 ready

Endpoint Flexibility

Reimage the way you do business with a flexible yet highly secure access portal.

  • Hardened Thin Clients
  • Secured Mobile Workspaces
  • Complete End-to-End Security

Test Drive

Fastest and easiest way to test-drive the full technical capabilities of the GeoCypher Secure Cloud.

  • Ask our team for a demo account
  • Experience a new approach to collaboration
  • Join the new age of digital workspaces

Identity Management

Extend your infrastructure to provide single sign-on, while ensuring identity verification through multi-factor.

  • Build corporate App dashboards
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Data loss Prevention

Cyber Security Awareness

Learn how your business can protect against cyber criminal activity through basic awareness procedures to protect both your business and its employees.

  • Building a smart & secure office environment
  • Reviewing your current business operations
  • Quarterly ISO / PCI Assessment Scans

Business Continuity

Unplanned events such as COVID-19 make it nearly impossible to continue “business as usual”. Ensure business can continue operations.

  • Secured Digital Workspaces
  • Protect your assets
  • Accelerate performance from anywhere

Company Information

GeoCypher was coined from DNSnetworks Corporation, an established IT managed cloud service provider since 2003. GeoCypher is the cloud VDI & cyber security intelligence division focused on shining the light over how businesses should be operating technology in today’s ever changing world of security threats. From the people within the organizations and the secured workspaces they are governed to work from, to the data and the hardware it sits on. Our responsibility is to protect, prevent and maintain the security of our customers to secure their technology and their future.


Built by years of technological change, and operated by experts with the enterprise world, GeoCypher is backed and owned by DNSnetworks Corporation. Founded by Shawn Ebbs, Senior infrastucture Architect, and visionary, the GeoCypher team has a reputation of drive and ambition which will continue for years to come. Our team is built with experts in networking, storage, servers, desktop, wireless, business operations, change management and more. As a team we help advise businesses on the best technologies in their industry through years of development and process improvements.

What we have Done

With over 25+ years within the IT space, GeoCypher has built and proven technological solutions on platforms provided to Financial institutions, Medical industries, Tier 1 Internet Providers, and Cryptocurrency hyperscaling computing grids. Our Datacenters reach over 2 continents, and within 6 major cities. GeoCypher continues to push the boundaries of security communication and automation, while educating businesses on the awareness of cyber security threats and the intelligence of threat prevention.

Our Future

Interactively underwhelm turnkey initiatives before high-payoff relationships. Holisticly restore superior interfaces before flexible technology. Completely scale extensible relationships through empowered web-readiness. Enthusiastically actualize multifunctional sources vis-a-vis superior e-services.

What We Do

Geocypher is an experienced and passionate group of infrastructure and IT security experts. Our goal in any business relationship is to review, prevent, and mitigate risk to allow our customers to focus on their business while we provide recommendations on IT best practices to secure the successful growth of the organization.

Threat Hunting
DNS Firewall
Domain Monitoring
Vulnerability Discovery

Secured in 2020


Protected Hosts

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